Friday, January 9, 2009

So, I made it through the holidays without gaining a pound. Ok, I probably gained a pound, but then I made damn sure I lost it! I am now -54. It's taken 2 months to lose 3 pounds, but I have been expecting it to slow down for some time. I have started to increase my calories because I find that I am hungry all the time (ALL THE TIME) and not eating enough isn't going to do me any favors in the weight loss department. That used to be counterintuitive to me, but no longer. Find where your body is happy calorically (and that can mean more!) and you will lose weight! Huzzah!

For financial reasons, I have decided to let my gym membership lapse. Yes, I was bored--so I am going to try something new. I have started walking with one friend once a week (which is all she can fit into her schedule for now) and I am going to use the gym at my place of employ two times a week (as they are new to the whole fitness game.) So, if I'm still bored when I get to hang out with my friends and sweat, well, I'll still have to keep going but at least it will be free!

Thinking more and more about going back to school to study nutrition. I know I have the right attitude, and my personal experience might be more inspirational to people than getting advice from someone who has always been stick thin would be. The one drawback is that I have absolutely no science background, so I would have to basically start at square one. But if I did end up going, I would probably be the most shocked of all. How can the fat girl be studying nutrition, and help people alter their diets to be more healthful? What time warp did I just wander into that I am even considering this?