Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Damn and blast, as they say. So, I finally went to the gym last night, and discovered two things.

1. I am not as out of shape as I thought I would be, given the fact that I haven't done any exercise in a month or more.

2. I am BORED.

Bored with losing weight, bored with trying so hard, bored with what my gym has to offer. I did some light weights, then tried cardio, and after 10 minutes I said to myself, "DONE." Not because I was out of breath, or that I even broke a sweat. I just didn't want to be doing it. But I want to want to, sadly. I want to find a way to get myself engaged with it again! I guess losing most of the weight that I want has its drawbacks--what is left to motivate me to go to the gym except, bah, health?

My gym is also small, so it doesn't offer anything in the way of an aerobics class or whatnot. Just kickboxing--and although I would like to, in theory, be able to kick off someone's face, I don't think it's a wise first step. Also, taking a class costs extra--if I did it 3x a week, it would be something like an extra $60 a month--more than my total gym membership. Sigh.

I think that I may, once my membership is up in February, look around for a new gym with more classes included in the cost. In the meantime, I may go to the library and borrow exercise DVD's. Which makes me feel a trifle lame, but I also feel lame not going to the gym. Which, I suppose, is better than not feeling lame at all, sitting on my butt, and gaining weight back.